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Elliott's opinions on fandom, the internet, and more

Talk about Elliott here, in the most broadest of terms. For any ES talk that doesn't fit anywhere else.

Elliott's opinions on fandom, the internet, and more

Postby makeoutchampion » Thu Feb 02, 2017 9:45 am

Hey there Elliott Smith kinfolk,

I used to frequent this board more than a decade ago when it had a different name and Elliott himself used to post here -- indirectly or in some sort of fashion. It was a long time ago. I was in college and remember admonishing a professor for announcing before our final that Elliott had died, not having the good sense to let us know after. (I was studying the music business, and the final was in the history of the industry.) I remember walking around the rest of that day stunned and lost, beneath a tree and trying to process.

That was a long time ago. I wound up not pursuing a career in the music industry as the rise of Napster made it quite clear there were only browner pastures ahead there. Instead, I pursued the equally browner pastures of entertainment journalism. I never got an opportunity to interview Elliott but last year I did interview Kevin Moyer, who I know a lot of you here have interacted with here on this board. Some of you, maybe not. I'm unsure whether the link to this interview floated to Sweet Addy / Alphabet Town, and feel it's kinda tacky for a journalist to hop on a board linking to their own work. But in the off chance some of you haven't already seen my conversation with Kevin about Elliott, about how posthumously releasing music actually works, and how the death of radio spells trouble for us all. I hope you'll find some insights you didn't have before in my interview: [url]http://www.unwinnable.com/2016/11/08/keep-your-things-in-a-place-meant-to-hide/

I interviewed Kevin over the summer and it was published -- buried, really -- on Election Day here in the U.S. Next week that will be three months ago, so I think I've waited the requisite period of time to do something tacky in hopes that it will be helpful and heartening.

I don't come around these boards all that often anymore, but I'm still an Elliott fan. And I still spend a lot of time under trees trying to process.

Be well and be good,

David Wolinsky (edited)

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Re: Elliott's opinions on fandom, the internet, and more

Postby Daniel » Sun Feb 05, 2017 7:50 am

Thanks for the interview. It was a remarkably interesting read.

"They want to preserve his legacy and maybe he didn’t want stuff out there. You gotta respect that and the fans they just – God bless them, they want it for the right reasons because they love him and they just want more and more connection and art. His music is so good. I totally understand why they want it all, but at the same time you have to be respectful of what he would have wanted and you have to preserve his legacy. Otherwise you risk watering down something that was otherwise strong."

I guess now I have my explanation why we have had so little stuff released since 2004. It's the right of the family/labels, whatever, but if they are so anxious to preserve the legacy, then by this logic they shouldn't have released anything at all. We never know how FABOTH would have ended up plus all tracks on New Moon were left off ES and Either/Or so why release them? Whoever's responsible for the Interscope part of catalogue being mostly unreleased safe for FABOTH and HAD soundtrack, should take a look at how Buckley's legacy is handled. They release everything, more or less regularly, and the man has far less quality material recorded either in studio or live than Elliott. The very least, which could be done is to re-release all b-sides in one nice package. At least that was released officially in the artist's lifetime, approved and everything. It costs about $200 to collect every b-side provided that the discs and sleeves are in good or rather new mint condition. This ain't right.

Yes, Elliott cannot answer for himself anymore. But if one is holding on to the idea that legacy is not be tarnished in any way, by this logic, neither FABOTH nor New Moon should have been released then.
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Re: Elliott's opinions on fandom, the internet, and more

Postby EdNewgate » Mon May 15, 2017 1:52 am

What I need most is learning about this content.
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