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How to use the Sessions History

Inspired by the "Live Nirvana Sessions History" at http://www.livenirvana.com/sessions, I have decided to start the Elliott Smith Sessions History. In this forum you will find my attempts to document and correctly identify which songs were performed by Elliott at which studio session, during what time. This is a user-powered effort, so please feel free to make new threads or discuss the main session articles, which will be stickied.

How to use the Sessions History

Postby eddiebrock » Mon Sep 06, 2010 1:38 pm

[O] = Song was officially released
[U] = Song is unreleased, but has "leaked" or "surfaced" amongst fans/traders
[X] = Song is unreleased, and has not "leaked," but is confirmed to exist
[?] = Song is unreleased, and may not exist, or may not have been recorded at this session
<Release:> = Information about official or unofficial leak of the song, aka where to find it (purchase and download links coming soon)

Please use these labels when reading the following portion of the website:

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