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January - June 1994 (Heatmiser - Cop & Speeder - 3 sessions)

1993-1994. First serious solo recordings, contemporaneous with Cop and Speeder.

January - June 1994 (Heatmiser - Cop & Speeder - 3 sessions)

Postby eddiebrock » Mon Sep 06, 2010 7:59 am

Date: January - June 1994
Studios: Musicraft Studios, Wilsonville, OR; Nightcap Studios (aka Heatmiser House), Portland, OR; White Horse Studios, Portland, OR
Producer: Heatmiser
Engineer: Tony Lash

[O] Disappearing Ink
[O] ******* John
[O] Flame!
[O] Temper
[O] Why Did I Decide to Stay
[O] Collect to NYC
[O] Hitting on the Waiter
[O] Busted Lip
[O] Antonio Carlos Jobim
[O] It's Not a Prop
[O] Something to Lose
[O] Sleeping Pill
[O] Trap Door
[O] Nightcap
[U] Revolution
[?] others

Release (for all tracks except Revolution): Cop and Speeder

Note: According to Tony Lash, the Revolution cover came about when "Nike had a bunch of Portland bands do versions of Revolution for an ad campaign that never happened. They didn't like ours because it sounded too much like the original." Larry Crane has stated he has found numerous alternate takes and unreleased songs in his archiving process for Heatmiser's music and is receiving assistance from Tony Lash and Neil Gust.
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Re: January - June 1994 (Heatmiser - Cop & Speeder - 3 sessi

Postby pm514 » Mon Feb 03, 2014 7:49 pm

Does the recently-leaked Heatmiser version of Christian Brothers go here too? Or was that later?
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