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i love my room

Elliott included a lot of the lyrics to his songs in his album liner notes, but for a lot of songs he never provided this information. Post what you think Elliott was saying in a particular song, and feel free to discuss what you think Elliott was talking about in his songs.

i love my room

Postby justaghost » Thu May 05, 2016 1:17 pm

only finally just updated my poison well lyrics page, I love this one..
what I hear ~

I Love My Room

aah, aah, aah

i love my room, yeah
i really do
i can just come right in, and sit right down and open my window
and see the town

i love my room, yeah
i hope you like it too
i love to open the shutters wide
in the summertime

i only dream when she comes out at night
i sleep in a tent just to never feel right
but in my mind true rest takes a lot of time
they try to keep us on a tether
they thought that we had come to watch the leather
all i ever wanted was a plurality
and all i ever get is everything but company, oh

i love my room
aah, aah, aah

i love my room, yeah
i really do
sometimes i’ll smoke a cigarette
but be careful so the ashes don’t collect
in my room

i love my room, yeah
i hope you like it too
i love to in the darkness hide
after closing time

i was gonna tell you but i lost my senses
i forgot my grammar i was so tenses
there was this beautiful story
now it all comes back to me
everybody walked in a pack and
everyone was necklaced together
i pulled the fire alarm yeah
but i couldn’t survive the weather

when i was 13 i was in a marching band
there were so many loved ones
they used to flock around me
and tell me all my plans
they all loved my hands

i love my room
(da da dum, da da dum, da da dum)
(nah, nah, na, na na na nuh)
(da da dum, da da da, da da dum)

see you in a little while my baby
see you underneath the willow tree

~ your smile is just a ghost..

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