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A Thanksgiving Challenge

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A Thanksgiving Challenge

Postby eddiebrock » Sat Nov 19, 2016 5:28 pm

Full disclaimer, i have not heard nor do I have any way to get any of these. This excludes all the side stuff and anything recorded before '93. I probably also missed a few items that even I already know about just because I don't prefer to make these lists and quickly threw this together, but I wanted to post this because I saw a lot of people commenting that "we already have most of what Elliott did" which is categorically not true. There is a ton of stuff by the man still out there, much of it in the hands of the estate but undoubtedly much more sitting in the hands of others, likely in dusty attics or closets. Please note these are all STUDIO recordings; that includes the songs that you probably heard below that might have been performed live but their inclusion on the list below indicates there is also a studio recording out there.

2:45 AM (Lucky 3)
A Fond Farewell (Jon Brion version)
A Passing Feeling (2000 Acoustic Demo)
Baby Britain (1997 Acoustic Demo)
Bled White (1997 Acoustic Demo)
Bled White (2 Meter Sessies)
Blind Alley
Bottle Up and Explode (1997 Acapella w/alternate lyrics)
Bottle Up and Explode (2 Meter Sessies)
Brand New Game (Basement version)
Carl’s El Camino
Cecilia/Amanda (XO Version)
Confusion (2000 Acoustic Demo)
Don’t Go Down (2000 Acoustic Demo)
Echo Park
Everything Means Nothing to Me (Early Figure 8 Demo)
Few Laps a Fruit Cup and a Funeral
Going Nowhere (1997 Acapella + Piano)
Grand Mal (slow version)
Happiness (2 Meter Sessies)
Hey Jude
I Didn’t Understand (1997 Acoustic Demo)
I Didn’t Understand (Early XO Demo)
I Don’t Give a ****
I Figured You Out
If You Want My Love
Independence Day (2 Meter Sessies)
It’s Alright
King’s Crossing (2000 Acoustic Demo)
Long, Long, Long
Mama’s Boy
Memory Lane (1997 Acoustic Demo)
Misery Let Me Down (1998 Radio Session w/2 more lines before aborting)
Mr. Goodmorning (other version aka Key Biscayne)
Needle in the Hay (Self-Titled recording with drums and percussion)
Oh Well, Okay (XO Demo)
Piano Thing
Pink Noise/White Noise
Rock #1
Rock and Roll Suicide
Say Yes (2 Meter Sessies)
Shooting Star (1998 Acoustic Demo)
Sorry My Mistake
Sorry My Mistake (2 Meter Sessies, acoustic - aborted)
Splitzville (1993 Demo)
Stickman (Numerous unreleased versions)
Strung Out Again (2000 Acoustic Demo)
Sweet Adeline (1997 Acoustic Demo)
The Last Hour (Organ version (considered for Heaven Adores You OST))
The Real Estate (1997 Acapella)
Till the End of the Day
True Believer
Unfinished Song
Unknown Uncle Tupelo Song
We’re All Friends Now
Yer Blues

This is just a taste and also an encouragement for those that have it to feel free to come forward and share.

As far as my bold challenge, I will offer to donate $50 to Outside In for every song off this list that someone comes forward with before Thanksgiving. To show I'm serious about this, I have already gone ahead and donated $100 already (message me for the proof) in faith that someone will be touched enough to "surface" two songs.
I realize this could really destroy my pocket if some generous soul comes forward, but it's all for a good cause and I can take the hit. Furthermore, my employer will match my donations up to $250.

So let's see what happens!

Proof of my donation:


Re: A Thanksgiving Challenge

Postby numero9 » Thu Nov 24, 2016 7:19 am

Looks like cold turkey
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Re: A Thanksgiving Challenge

Postby eddiebrock » Thu Nov 24, 2016 8:31 am

I extended the challenge till "Giving Tuesday"
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