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shiva opens her arms - chords

shiva opens her arms - chords

Postby Alex » Fri Oct 17, 2014 2:54 am

..few months ago i made this tab, hope you gonna like it!

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shiva opens her arms - by elliott smith

standard tuning

A     x07650  C#m    x46654
G     355433  E7     x76750
B     x9987x  D      x57775
D9    5x055x  D9b5   4x055x
Am9   5x550x  A6sus2 5x440x
G#m7  4x440x  G*     32040x
D6/F# 2x020x  Dm6/F  1x020x

   riff1       riff2
|---------- |-7---7-5-  both riffs
|-7---7-5-- |---------  are played
|---------- |---------  over the
|---------- |---------  A-chord
|---------- |---------
|---------- |---------

A riff1 riff1 riff2 riff1

A                     riff1 
I'm so sick of people asking me
       riff1                riff2
Have I seen this guy that I look like
When they mean that he looks like me
Aw, damn it all to hell
   G                       E7
No I wouldn’t know him too well
         A              riff1                      riff2
Except I broke into his home, and then I broke his collarbone
                    riff1            riff1
His curtains hadn’t been opened in a week or two
           riff2                               riff1
And no one pictured that the little __ freaker has a few
C#m                                G             E7
Looks like it’s about to fall over, sure yeah it could just be the frame
A                  riff1                     riff1               
Or it could be the fact that nothing in this house is ever on the level
B                    D
Not even the toilet, both of you
A        riff1                    riff2
It’s all askew, it'll be wrong forever

D9                                D9b5
I dreamt up we're tumbling down a hill
   Am9                     /G#   A6sus2
The people standing around swear they never seen blows fall like this
G#m7             G                                 D6/F#
Wherever he lands stay away it’s going to be bloody
Oh no, I miss you so

A                riff1                                 riff1
Church bells now I’m awake and I guess it must be some kind of holiday
                     riff2                              riff1
Go tell them that he better behave, it’s pretty hard to rise from the grave
C#m                             G                            E7
I’m just a ghost from the past, yeah, but you shouldn't have laughed
A                         riff1                              riff2
Because I'll give you the shaft or maybe sign you up for the draft
               riff1                                    riff1
I look down, I ripped my shirt and there’s blood stains on my fists
                              riff2                     riff1
And the air in here is like a nylon net, I can throw my fists right through it
C#m                            G                   E7
Man, did anybody ever tell you that you’re kind of like
A                          riff1                         riff1
A moth trying to catch the attention of a bare light bulb
B                                       D               
All recorded history is just one little guy on this pen
A                        riff1                        riff1
Oh, my head feels like a TV store, twenty of the same channels

D9                          D9b5
Let’s step outside for some fresh air
        Am9                                  /G#
To some part of the city that you never seen yet
Even though you lived here all your life
G#m7                     G                       
Now you’re not even sure who you've met or what you like
You wait until morning, let's hold it now
And if that’s the case you'll spend the night anyhow

D9                   D9b5
Shiva opens her arms now
     Am9                      /G# A6sus2
Some kid's trying to park his car
I may talk in my sleep tonight
G                        D6/F#                       
'cause I like company too

Yeah, I know we're through
Although I miss you so

A riff1 riff1 riff2 riff1
C#m G E7
A riff1 riff1
A riff1 riff2 riff1 riff1 riff2 riff1
C#m ...

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