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Strung Out Again?

Strung Out Again?

Postby lose311 » Mon Jul 21, 2014 10:48 am

I just recently got back into playing guitar again, and so by extension I have been listening to Elliott's music from a whole new perspective. I always liked Strung Out Again, but I never listened too closely to the lead guitar work on the song until now. I don't even like to call it lead because I know he wasn't a fan of typical lead guitar but that's the closest thing I can think to call it. There is something incredible about what Elliott is doing in this song, but it doesn't sound much like anything he has done anywhere else. Basically I would love to see the tabs to this song, or at least hear someone explain what he is doing. Are there two guitars soloing at once? I can't tell if Elliott is doing his usual chord/riff combos or if it's two guitars doing single note or double-stop solos over each other. All I can seem to find out there is the chord changes for this song, nothing about the lead parts. Any thoughts?
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